Posted by : z3lover September 02, 2013

The DoTa2 International 13 tournament brought a lot of items, some in International chest series, some in the form of digital downloads with the purchase of ingame merchandise while some in the form of Lockless boxes. Lockless and merchandise items were interesting because they are immortal and very rare. So the prices are also very high.

This post contains alot of International 13 items. Among which include.

Includes items requested by people. Mainly:
>Puck Immortal Aether Wings with new Waning Rift animation
>Kunkka Whaleblade with new Torrent anim
>Furion Immortal Flowering Treants
>Batrider Immortal Bat
>Juggernaut Dragonblade with new Bladefury animation.

Some custom animations of immortal items might be missing due to newer patch (venge and pudge animations are not working) Items themselves would work fine though. I will post the working animations items in future if I get time.

Download and install, don't forget to unequip items ingame before installing.

Download Link:

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  1. please change the download link to mediafire

  2. pls relink the pack items to mediafire...and pls make the file as a folder with slasher include: materials folder,models folder,particles folder..for me to simply remove folders.....when i want.
    the hotfile link is broken....ty

  3. re upload pls

  4. reupload please


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