Posted by : z3lover September 12, 2013

While playing as Vengeful Spirit, have you ever wondered why her 3rd skill Vengeance Aura has a picture of red mask? Thats because once upon a time, Vengeful model ACTUALLY wore a badass mask. Now that was some originality and I dunno why but it really felt right. Ofcourse you cant please the whole community. As majority disliked the model as a whole so Valve just removed the mask instead of redesigning the hero and everyone was fine with it EXCEPT the modders. They kept the old mask intact.
                                        This mod includes the older models that were replaced due to community reaction.  I personally liked the Phantom Assassin and Brewmaster  model. Let me know which model you like in the comments.

***Credits go to Veldt for making this mod. His website and email address are given in instruction file inside the archive. make sure to checkout his site. ***


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  1. sir why cant i install the pudge skin .. (im using the override vpk style)

  2. why cant i use pudge model please help me i dont like the new pudge thats why i try this but it doest work please me


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