Posted by : z3lover October 14, 2013

Includes items from the latest dota 2 update and some items from "Request" section..

  • Vengeful Spirit (was an experiment, posting just in case someone likes it)
  • Scuttling Scotty Courier
  • Golden Treasure HUD
  • Tremor HUD
  • Omen HUD
  • Viridi Inanitas Set
  • Armaments of Leviathan Set
  • Hell’s Ambassador Set
  • Barathrum’s Fury Set
  • The Hare Hunt Set

And items from REQUEST section,

  • Scythe of Vyse (no particles)
  • Dreaded Forgewing
  • Eul's Sceptre of Divinity
  • Call of Dendro
  • Flowering Treants
  • Baby Roshan ( Pink Ethereal Flames Effect)

I do couriers one at a time, on first come first serve basis, so if your favourite courier is not posted yet, dont worry it will be done when its done.

Also I will try to post particle updates for the above item sets ( IF I'm able to make them work)..

Download Link:

Download Instructions: For vengeful Spirite mod, install the slasher, then copy the "resource" folder and paste it into your " dota" folder (use -override_vpk method)

HUDs also use the -override_vpk method. Click here for more details on how to use override.

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  1. Hello... I have a problem with the set of morphing. I can install it but in the game one does not see .. can you repair this?

    1. Morphling items do not work as his items are applied by scripts only. He doesnt have any default items that could be replaced. I could modify the script files for you but those dont work offline so I dont see any use of making them.

  2. Golden Baby Roshan with Ethereal Flame Effect, please :) Thanks a bunch.

  3. somehow .exe files doesn't seem to work for me, tried running it as admin, any chance of uploading future items like you guys did on earlier posts? i mean with both the exe and folders. btw thanks for making these mods possible.

  4. hi sir can i ask,if i wan previous mod too. Just download this or previous one also need download. thanks for reply

  5. man, can u make daedric armor for riki?

  6. Can i Have a request?
    can u build a Golden set for drow Ranger. :) I'd love to use it.
    Thanks in advance if you'll make one. :)


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