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Almost everything in DOTA can be modded to your liking, and the process is not exactly rocket science. The basic concept of modifying is to replace the default files with the files of your choice. Thats all. Say if I wanted the default furion to use Scythe of Vyse item instead of his default staff, I would replace the scythe's model name to that of default staff and copy paste it in furion folder. Thats it done.
                                   Make sure you understand the basic concept. Now there are 2 ways to accomplish this. Either inject you modified files into the compressed data files that DOTA uses, or paste these files in dota directory ( X:\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota ) and type "-override_vpk" inside Launch Options. While both options achieve the same thing, the injecting directly in data files is considered superior.

Using Dota2Slasher

1: Download Dota2Slasher from the Downloads section above and extract it.  
2: Everything inside the folder "files" will be copied injected into Dota2.         
3: Make sure to rename the files into default files. Each item has 3 files. "vtx" "vvd" "mdl" . You need to rename all  Assuming you followed the 
previous guides, you should have an extracted root folder. Default          
hero files are located here.
\root\models\heroes\"hero name"\
While cosmetic item files are located here.
4: Keep a correct directory system. Like copying a item of Axe, create folder   
like this, files\models\heroes\axe\"your files"
Copy paste your renamed cosmetic items from step 3 into relevant hero folder.
5: When you have copied all the files you want to replace in "files" folder, run 
Dota2slasher and you items will be enabled.

Using -override_vpk
The process of renaming files remains the same but now you wont be injecting the files inside dota.
Instead you will just copy the files in your steam dota folder.
X:\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\models\heroes\"hero name"\
After you copied your desired files, Open steam, go to Library, rightclick Dota2, click properties, And click on Launch Options. Type "-override_vpk" without quotes and done. 

You can mod the couriers/ HUDs etc same way. Just look for the default folder and replace them with your favourite items.

Courier Directory: Default=  \models\props_gameplay\donkey.mdl
                              Custom courier diretories= 1 =  \root\models\items\courier
                                                                          2=   \root\models\courier

(Remember when making courier mods. There are 4 types of default courier models. donkey, dire_donkey, donkey wings and dire donkey wings.  Customs couriers have only 2 model files normal and flying version, you just make 2 copies of these couriers and rename one set into donkey (normal custom courier) and donkey wings (flying custom version). And similarly rename the other set as dire_donkey and dire_wings)

Ward Directory= \models\props_gameplay\default_ward.mdl

HUD Directory=

Announcer directory=

Icons directory=

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  1. Default HUD directory= \resource\flash3\images\hud_skins\default\
    There are 3 folders here, "actionpanel" for the left side of the HUD, "inventory" for the right side and "scoreboard" for the top portion.
    Within these 3 folders is the location for the .png files with all HUD's using this format for basic purposes as well as having .dds files located in "\resource\flash3\". Replacing the .dds are overall unnecessary but do provide one less step in applying custom ones yourself.

    Custom HUD's= \resource\flash3\images\hud_skins\" "
    When replacing the files, be weary to ensure the "light_*.png" file has the same name too. One such example is the new Portal HUD, where the inventory uses "light_right_*.png" instead. You can just rename it to suit the default so that it doesn't load the default glow. From these .png files the effects- such as the portal around portrait- won't work anyway. This is the only HUD I've seen to not work properly.

    As a note, if the HUD doesn't load when in the game, select the default HUD (or whichever you have changed) using the share tab to reload the files.

    Veldtfx has compiled the HUD's bar the latest for the .png and .dds files (using -override_vpk), they can be found here

    Err...think I covered most of it.

    1. Thanks for contributing. I will add this to the main post.

  2. Can you post how to put particle effects on couriers?

    1. In next update.. There are currently no guides on particle effect so I'm writing one myself.

  3. uhm i have a question sir, where can we get the "vtx" "vvd" "mdl" files of an item? like i want to get the "vtx" "vvd" "mdl" of scythe of vyse of NP, so where to find it?

  4. hi, can u please tell me how to add particle effects to their items. I can get Furion's Flower Staff of the Peacebringer in the game but without the effects (golden dust falling from it). I can see the file(natures_prophet_weapon_flower.pcf) in the folder particles>econ>items>natures_prophet. In your scythe of vyse post u edited the hero_furion.pcf file. Is that what i will have to do?

    1. I would really like to know how to add particles to items too !!! A guide would be awesome.


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