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Scaling of Skills

By : z3lover
This is NOT the typical post about cosmetic items or anything related to mods. I'm just in a mood to write and I got no other place to go. So I think I'll just use this blog for my personal opinions and stuff like that. If you want to get the updates of ONLY the cosmetic posts, then I suggest you subscribe to the facebook page because I will ONLY post cosmetics related links there that will link you to the appropriate post. Feel free to ignore any other posts.

                                         I recently got the idea to write about dota related tips/tricks/mechanics needed to become a better dota player or in general to improve your skill. First of all, I would like to start with my personal info. I started dota back about 4-5 years ago. I was a die-hard fan from the beginning. I was an ACCA student and had ALOT of free times (we used to have 4 holidays each weeks) so I played like 12 hrs per day. Needless to say I became quite good at it, I spent most of my spare time surfing the forums and mechanics related stuff, so I became good at theory crafting too. So in this (and future) post, I will write about stuff that I feel every dota player should know in order to improve.

                                          Today's topic is Scaling of skills. In DOTA, certain skills have a scaling factor, to make them relevant in lategame. Take Lina's Dragon Slave skill, its a standard 280 dmg skill. It may be strong early game when heroes have low hp but it will keep getting weaker and weaker untill its neglible. Lategame when enemy has 3,000 hp with bkb and lifesteal, 280 dmg doesnt even matter. This is an example of non-scaling skill.
                                         So what is a scaling skill you might ask. Most of the skills with percentage element attached to them. Consider a few of them,
  • Spectre's "dispersion" - More hp you have, the more dmg you will disperse.
  • Drow's "Aura" - More agility you get more dmg you get. (same with Riki's backstab)
  • Centaur "Return" - More STR you get, more dmg is reflected to anyone who attacks you and more dmg they take from your ultimate.

Do you notice the pattern? See spectre has pathetic hp in start, same with drow and centaur with very low agi and STR respectively. Taking PRECIOUS skill points early game in these scaling skills is useless ( drow gets like 10 dmg from lvl 4 aura early lvl 7 spectre has roughly 700 hp. Lvl4 dispersion will block and deal 150 dmg to enemies when you die. (and thats dealt to melee enemies, ranged enemies get zero dmg)
                                                 The point is, ALMOST every hero got some kind of scaling or some logic behind its skill build, enabling you to prioritize 2 skills and while taking one point in the 3rd skill (take ulti whenever you want). Most of these scaling spells are either one point wonders or not relevant in early game.

The main reason this is important is the popularity of wrong skill builds. Taking earlier points in proper skills can help you play the hero at maximum efficiency. I think an example would be more appropiate to make it clear. Lets take Storm spirit.
                                          At level 9, there are 2 popular builds.
  • 4 points in remnant, 3 in vortex, 1 in overload and 1 in ball lighting
  • 3 point in remnant,   4 in vortex, 1 in overload and 1 in ball lighting.
Does any of these builds ensure maximum efficiency? The answer is NO. The correct skill build is this.
  • 1 point in remnant, 3 points in vortex, 4 in overload and 1 in ball lighting.
Why 3 points in vortex? Besides being a normal disable, vortex has a purpose. SS uses a remnant, now this remnant takes time to become active and enemies usually run from it to avoid it, thats where the vortex comes in play. Its purpose is to pull the enemy in order to hit it with remnant. 3 skill points give 2 seconds of pull that is more than enough to hit them with it. The extra 0.5 second disable IS NOT  WORTH A SKILL POINT early game. Remember exp is very precious, so you need to spend every skill point carefully.

Why 1 point in remnant? Thats where most people get confused. You see the scaling is horrible on remnant. There is ONLY 40 dmg increase per level and its pathetic. The cd remains the same, while mana cost get significant. Storm already have ALOT of mana problem during start and higher level remnant mana cost cripples him badly. Inshort, its a 1 point wonder skill, You get all the benefits from lvl 1 remnant without maxing it to lvl 4.

Why 4 points in overload? Now this is the main source of SS's damage output. You gave up 120 dmg by leaving Remnant at lvl 1, thats a 80% dmg output of remnant usage. But by taking 4 points in Overload, you increase your dmg output from overload by 300%. You see, the 220% difference is huuuge. And wanna know whats the most important part? This damage costs you ZERO mana. As you know overload is just free dmg whenever you use other skills, Use your low mana cost level 1 remnant, get free 90 dmg, use your slightly low mana cost vortex, gets 90dmg, use ulti, 90 dmg, use ulti again 90 dmg.. I think you get the point.

In short, this skill build will get you MAXIMUM dmg at the cost of MINIMUM mana cost.

The purpose of this post was that every single hero has a certain logic to how you are supposed to build him with limited amount of skill points. Getting that EFFICIENCY and maximum DMG OUTPUT is the key factor for dominating early game fights. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments, or want to discuss any skill build for your favourite hero.

Wraith Night Items

By : z3lover

Sorry for disappearing like that, but considering the fact that NO ONE responded to my call of help regarding running this blog and facebook. I really expected someone to step up and take charge of this, but anyways, I will keep running with my own slow/lazy pace. I have also started making workshop items for dota2 so I will showcase them here and make them available for download without them having to appear in workshop. (the chance is really slim though)
                     I have also thought about writing some general gameplay guides on certain heroes who are misplayed in typical pub games, I have one such guide on Its pretty unfinished but I intend to finish it in near future. So expect a lot of random NON-COSMETIC related blog posts in future, just ignore them if you are not interested.


Guide : Couriers with particle effects.

By : z3lover
Okay, I promised a detaailed guide for making particle effects on courier but then I realized if you had read and uderstood the previous guides, there's not much new stuff to do here. So I will just list concise steps of the procedure and I'm sure you wont run into problems. (meh who am I kidding? You will run into ALOT of problems, but fixing those problems is part of the fun)

Okay lets get started.
The basic flow is like this. Decompile the courier model you wish to put particles on > Edit .qc file > Recompile model > Done. (lets take baby rosh for example).
1: Decompile using studio compiler. Place all decompiled files in a folder.
2: Using the "Notepad+" open the file "mdldecompiler.qc".
3: Search for "$keyvalues" . The box infront will be empty. You insert the commands for particle effect here.
4: Recompile the model using studio compiler. And rename the files to default donkey model and place them in props_gameplay folder.
5: Repeat the process for flying version.

1: Now the first problem you will run into will be an error during decompiling. Just rename the file "babyroshan.dx90.vtx" into "babyroshan.dx80.vtx" and it decompile just fine.

2: Here is the command for applying the particle effect that you will paste into $keyvalues box.

$keyvalues  { particles
        "name"            "courier_trail_fungal"
        "attachment_type"    "follow_attachment"
        "attachment_point"    "attach_hitloc"

} }

Preview: How it should look like
*name=  the name of the particle effect you want to apply. (You can preview the courier particles using the previous guide)

If you face any more problems, do let me know, I will add them to the guide.

October-2013 Cosmetics

By : z3lover

Download Link shamelessly copied from . So this update was obviously made by Art_khb. It appears all the Admins are kinda busy nowadays. Hopefully things will fireup with new updates. And as I requested before, we NEED more modders. You cant expect a single guy to complete all the requests and still make regular updates, so plz if you have modding experience or can bring new people to the facebook page, do spread the word. Otherwise this website and facebook page will die many others modding communites. ( dota2clan is already dead, reddit modding page is dead and is also pretty much dead except for ocassional posts by Art_khb)..

If anyone of you guys has submitted items in Workshop and got his items rejected.. Send them to us and we will convert them to mods that the community can use. Valve can suck their rules and standards, your creations will get the appreciation it deserves right here.

Download Link:

Furion Summons

70# Anime Models (Saber and Misaka Mikoto)

By : ShadowProgr
Hi, this post is for anime lovers. You can intstall Saber as Juggernaut and Misaka Mikoto as Storm Spirit

Misaki Mikoto

2. Extract 'dota' and merge it into the following directory: <Path to steam directory>\Steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota
3. Right click Dota 2 in steam, click 'Properties' and on the General tab click LAUNCH OPTIONS
4. In the text field in the LAUNCH OPTIONS window type: -override_vpk
5. Launch DOTA 2. Storm Spirit is renamed to Biribiri, so remember to look in the B's for her, not the S's
Changes from the old upload:
  • Now the mod can works with launch parameter -override_vpk without install (But you need to run the .exe file if you want the localization installed)
  • Fixed icon bug caused by Sep 25 update
  • Localization modification
  • Particles adjustment, sword glowing are better now.
  • Fixed "ERROR" model appears in the hero preview panel.
  • Fixed bug in program UI.
Credits: included in archive


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Guide: How to Install mods

By : z3lover
There will be two options available.

1: Direct Installation:
A packed .exe file be available, just run it and it will install the required files in their correct location.

2: Manual Method: (aka -override_vpk method)
You have to manually copy the mod folders and paste them in you "dota" folder in this directory:
X:\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota

Click on "merge" when asked and overwrite any files. (be sure to make a backup of files being overwritted)

Secondly you need to add -override_vpk command in Dota2 Launch Options.
Follow the instructions in this image:

68# Items Update 13-Oct-13

By : z3lover

Includes items from the latest dota 2 update and some items from "Request" section..

  • Vengeful Spirit (was an experiment, posting just in case someone likes it)
  • Scuttling Scotty Courier
  • Golden Treasure HUD
  • Tremor HUD
  • Omen HUD
  • Viridi Inanitas Set
  • Armaments of Leviathan Set
  • Hell’s Ambassador Set
  • Barathrum’s Fury Set
  • The Hare Hunt Set

And items from REQUEST section,

  • Scythe of Vyse (no particles)
  • Dreaded Forgewing
  • Eul's Sceptre of Divinity
  • Call of Dendro
  • Flowering Treants
  • Baby Roshan ( Pink Ethereal Flames Effect)

I do couriers one at a time, on first come first serve basis, so if your favourite courier is not posted yet, dont worry it will be done when its done.

Also I will try to post particle updates for the above item sets ( IF I'm able to make them work)..

Download Link:

Download Instructions: For vengeful Spirite mod, install the slasher, then copy the "resource" folder and paste it into your " dota" folder (use -override_vpk method)

HUDs also use the -override_vpk method. Click here for more details on how to use override.

Play as Goblin Techies And Legion Commander

By : z3lover
Goblin Techies

Unzip the file and merge the dota folder with the dota folder in steamapps\common\dota 2 beta. Add -override_vpk to your launch options.

To play, start a local lobby and pick npc_dota_hero_techies.

This mod is really buggy. Don't leave it installed when playing a real game.

Legion Commander:

This one works fine. No need to uninstall this one.

Dota 2 Lobby Viewer

By : ShadowProgr
This little tool allows you to view information about the lobby and players you are currently playing with.

Note that this information is already available by using the "dota_lobby_debug" command with "developer 1" enabled. My tool just displays some of it in a convenient way.
You are in a hidden lobby when playing matchmaking. It starts when you get the "Game is ready" dialog.

  • Members in a party are grouped together (same color), so are broadcasters in the same channel.
  • Extracts location of some players.
  • Pressing CTRL+C copies the raw lobby information. If there's a problem with the tool, try to copy it to make debugging easier (if you have lobby information available).

  • Windows XP SP 2 or higher
  • Dota 2
About VAC:
This tool should be hidden from VAC external tool detection. Still, use at your own risk (the worst thing that can happen is a 30 day suspension).

Developed by reptiev


Guide: Dota2 Slasher Advanced

By : ShadowProgr

Dota 2 Slasher

Dota 2 Slasher allows you to Extract, Add, Replace, Delete files in pak01_dir.vpk
In order to work with Dota 2 Slasher you need to know how to run program with command line arguments


Extract files from pak01_dir.vpk
Dota2Slasher.exe -e -dir <FOLDER TO EXTRACT TO> -vpk <pak01_dir.vpk LOCATION>
Dota2Slasher.exe -e -dir "D:\UD2\" -vpk "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\pak01_dir.vpk"
Note: The folder where files will be extracted must be created before or you will get an error


Deleting a file in pak01_dir.vpk will force Dota 2 to search for files in dota folder (local files).
Dota2Slasher.exe -r -file <FILE TO DELETE> -vpk <pak01_dir.vpk LOCATION>
Dota2Slasher.exe -r -file "sound\music\gamestartup1.wav" -vpk "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\pak01_dir.vpk"
Now the file sound\music\gamestartup1.wav will be loaded from game folder, not from the pak01_dir.vpk.


Dota2Slasher.exe -p -dir <FOLDER WITH EDITED FILES> -vpk <pak01_dir.vpk LOCATION>
Dota2Slasher.exe -p -dir "D:\replaced\" -vpk "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\pak01_dir.vpk"
This code will add all files (or replace original files) in D:\replaced into pak01_dir.vpk
Please note that files must have same path as in pak01_dir.vpk
To replace original file
The edited file path must be

Advanded usage

Long and Short Arguments

In older release the program used longer command line arguments
Dota2Slasher.exe -action packDota2Slasher.exe -p
Dota2Slasher.exe -action removeDota2Slasher.exe -r
Dota2Slasher.exe -action extractDota2Slasher.exe -e
The long arguments can still be used in latest Dota2Slasher. Mostly they are used with -auto argument.

-auto Argument

Using -auto will allow Dota 2 Slasher to find pak01_dir.vpk automatically.
Dota2Slasher -action pack -auto
Note 1: You must use long command line arguments with -auto
Note 2: Dota 2 Slasher will add/extract files from/to ROOT\files directory. However this can be edited with -dir argument

Dota2Slasher -action pack -auto -dir "C:\Dota2\am-skin\compiled\"
Note 3: Doesn't work with -action remove

Config.ini File

If you don't want to work with command line arguments, you can use config.ini file. Create one and put it in one folder with Dota 2 Slasher.
1. Command line version:
Dota2Slasher -action pack -dir "C:\Dota2\am-skin\compiled\" -vpk "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\pak01_dir.vpk"
1. Config.ini equivalent:
dir=C:\Dota2\am-skin\compiled\vpk=C:\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\pak01_dir.vpk
2. Command line version:
Dota2Slasher -p -dir "C:\Dota2\am-skin\compiled\" -vpk "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\pak01_dir.vpk" -debug
 2. Config.ini equivalent:
vpk=C:\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\pak01_dir.vpk
Using with -auto


Messed up your pak01_dir.vpk?
You can restore it following these steps.
1. Right-click Dota 2 in your Steam Library
2. Choose Properties
3. Choose Local files tab
4. Verify integrity of game cache
5. Done!


Q: How to run Dota 2 Slasher with command line arguments?
A: Create a batch file and copy-paste the code I have given. Make sure batch file and Dota 2 Slasher are in same folder

Q: Who created this program?
A: aaa4xu




By : z3lover

Now this mod maybe controversial. Some people might imply that this is cheating and gives unfair advantage but lets consider this, I have been playing dota for like past 4 years, I already know all the juke spots on map, I dont need this mod to tell me location of juke spots. To be honest it even causes problems for those who are already familiar with juke spots. What this mod may achieve is to help the newer players get familiar with juking. Consider it a training mod, its not giving you unfair advantage as the fog of war remains the same, you DO NOT get extra vision with this, just a simple indication that you can hide here or cut a tree to make a path.
                                  As always texture mods are not banable by VAC, even if some nuthead considers this cheating, VAC still cant detect a texture mod so use it without any worries.

#66 Custom Dota2 gameplay modes

By : z3lover
Did you ever play those "dota omg" and "pudge wars" maps back in Dota1 days? Yeah those were fun times, after a few exhausting games of tryhard doto, the fun maps were a welcome relief.But what do we do in Dota2? Its obvious, we still play those awesome pudgewars and OMG mods with better graphics and better choice of options available, right here in DOTA2, Includes many gameplay modes not limited to pudgewars and OMG, too many settings to experiment with, needless to say you are gonna have a fun time there.

Visit this site, make sure to watch the tutorials, it clears up all the confusions. Select the lobby for whatever mode you desire to play and join. Have a blast.

Just a few screenshots of my recent timepass activity.

Guide: Cosmetic Mods

By : z3lover
Almost everything in DOTA can be modded to your liking, and the process is not exactly rocket science. The basic concept of modifying is to replace the default files with the files of your choice. Thats all. Say if I wanted the default furion to use Scythe of Vyse item instead of his default staff, I would replace the scythe's model name to that of default staff and copy paste it in furion folder. Thats it done.
                                   Make sure you understand the basic concept. Now there are 2 ways to accomplish this. Either inject you modified files into the compressed data files that DOTA uses, or paste these files in dota directory ( X:\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota ) and type "-override_vpk" inside Launch Options. While both options achieve the same thing, the injecting directly in data files is considered superior.

Using Dota2Slasher

1: Download Dota2Slasher from the Downloads section above and extract it.  
2: Everything inside the folder "files" will be copied injected into Dota2.         
3: Make sure to rename the files into default files. Each item has 3 files. "vtx" "vvd" "mdl" . You need to rename all  Assuming you followed the 
previous guides, you should have an extracted root folder. Default          
hero files are located here.
\root\models\heroes\"hero name"\
While cosmetic item files are located here.
4: Keep a correct directory system. Like copying a item of Axe, create folder   
like this, files\models\heroes\axe\"your files"
Copy paste your renamed cosmetic items from step 3 into relevant hero folder.
5: When you have copied all the files you want to replace in "files" folder, run 
Dota2slasher and you items will be enabled.

Using -override_vpk
The process of renaming files remains the same but now you wont be injecting the files inside dota.
Instead you will just copy the files in your steam dota folder.
X:\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\models\heroes\"hero name"\
After you copied your desired files, Open steam, go to Library, rightclick Dota2, click properties, And click on Launch Options. Type "-override_vpk" without quotes and done. 

You can mod the couriers/ HUDs etc same way. Just look for the default folder and replace them with your favourite items.

Courier Directory: Default=  \models\props_gameplay\donkey.mdl
                              Custom courier diretories= 1 =  \root\models\items\courier
                                                                          2=   \root\models\courier

(Remember when making courier mods. There are 4 types of default courier models. donkey, dire_donkey, donkey wings and dire donkey wings.  Customs couriers have only 2 model files normal and flying version, you just make 2 copies of these couriers and rename one set into donkey (normal custom courier) and donkey wings (flying custom version). And similarly rename the other set as dire_donkey and dire_wings)

Ward Directory= \models\props_gameplay\default_ward.mdl

HUD Directory=

Announcer directory=

Icons directory=

Guide: How to Preview Particle Effects of Dota2

By : z3lover
Using Alien Swarm and the built in tools it shipped with it’s possible to load the DotA 2 particle files into the Source engine particle editor. You can find a tutorial on how to load DotA 2′s PCFs into the Alien Swarm tools at the bottom of this post.



Fiend’s Grip GIF:


Obsidian Destroyer


Phantom Assassin




If you’ve followed the model viewer guide before then that will give you a head start, the process is very similar with a few minor tweaks:
  1. Download GCFScape:
  2. Launch GCFScape and open the “dota 2 beta\dota\pak01_dir.vpk” file.
  3. Extract the files to a new directory called “DOTA 2″.
  4. Copy the extracted “materials”, “models” and “particles” folder to: “Steam\steamapps\common\alien swarm\swarm”.
  5. Add “-tools -nop4″ to your Alien Swarm launch options.
  6. Start Alien Swarm and you’ll be presented with the “Source Actbusy Tool”.
  7. Press “Tools” and select “Particle Editor”, you’ll now be in the particle editor.
  8. From here you can load in the particles from the folder you copied into the Alien Swarm directory.
Cyborgmatt for writing this guide.

Guide Model Viewer

By : z3lover


  •    GCFScape
  •    CS:GO SDK
  •    Notepad ++

Step One

Download GCFScape:

Step Two

Launch GCFScape and open the “dota 2 beta\dota\pak01_dir.vpk” file.

Step Three

Extract the “root” directory to somewhere on your hard drive and then rename it to “DOTA 2″ after the extraction is finished.

Step Four

Copy the “materials” and “models” folder from the extracted files in to the CS: GO folder: “Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo”.

Step Five

Next you need to mass edit the vmt material files, for this I suggest using Notepad++ using  the “Find in Files” feature, which you can find under “Search –> Find in Files…”.

Step Six

Using Notepad++’s “Find in Files” feature you need to find “CustomHero” and replace with “VertexLitGeneric”, filter for “*.vmt” and choose the directory “Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\materials\models” making sure “In all sub-folders” is also selected.

Press “Replace in Files” when you’ve your options setup like above.

Step Seven

Install the “Counter-Strike Global Offensive Beta – SDK” from the Steam library tool list.

Step Eight

Launch the ”Counter-Strike Global Offensive Beta – SDK” and launch “Model Viewer”.

Step Nine

In the “Model Viewer” press “File” and select “Load Model…”.

Step Ten

You will now be in the model file structure, from here you can go into the different folders and load a “*.mdl” file.

Step Eleven

When loading a model like Nature’s Prophet you’ll notice only his base model is loaded and parts will be missing.

Step Twelve

In order to resolve this you need to load in the extra parts as “Weapons”, via the “File –> Load Weapon…” option.

Select the extra part like when you loaded in the initial model.

The extra part will then be loaded into the model viewer.

Step Thirteen

You should now know how to load models into the CS: GO model viewer, enjoy.

Model Viewer Controls

Cyborgmatt for writing this awesome tutorial.

Guide: Loading Screen

By : z3lover

How to use a custom loading screen in Dota 2

  • Convert image to a texture (or use already converted from below)
  • Put the texture info the folder "steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\materials\console" (create the folder if it does not exist)
  • In Steam, go into your Dota properties, and add the launch option "-override_vpk".

Already converted images

Screenshots - How it should look


  • thx to yene for writing the tutorial.

#65 Mega Item Pack 3

By : z3lover

Ok, this is the last one. Collectively they dont look too much appealing but it helps alot when someone asks me "please upload xxxx item" so I can just tell them to get it from the mega pack. Later I will add the names (yes all of them) in this post so you can easily type the name of item in searchbox and it will show up.
      As always, click on picture for bigger preview and download form below.


#63 Mega Items Pack 1

By : z3lover

Click on picture for bigger preview.

I have a lot of mods lying around, mostly older sets and items, almost all of these were downloaded from a russian side and made by a modder named Art_khv. So there will be two more mega sets to cover all the stuff. So stay tuned.


#62 Dota 2 Naughty Female Models

By : z3lover
Includes the whole updated bundle made by M1sk4.. Make sure to follow him on his twitch channel here:
The guy is simply amazing and deserves all the support he can get. This update will also fix the previous qop and drow crashes. (I think the death prophet model is still bugged so careful with that one).
Includes edited models and portrait window adjustment to focus more on the chest.

Updated Download Link

PREVIEW: Uncen$ored
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#61 This Is Spartaaaaaaaa

By : z3lover

Replaces the current lame icon with the original madness with accompanying activation sound.

1:  Copy mask_of_madness.png and paste it in this folder.
     X:\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\resource\flash3\images\items\
2: Go to steam library, rightlick on dota2, click on Launch Options and Type "-override_vpk" without quotes.
3: Run dota2slasher.exe.
4: Enjoy.


#60 (Requested) NaVi Courier with Crystal Rift effect

By : z3lover

Well this was a long, boring and buggy courier to make.

1: First the model refused to decompile.
2: The edited model refused to recompile,
3: Particle files start giving missing particles error.
4: Walking courier stops appearing after I finished mod.
5: Particle effects start appearing on wrong bones.

So after making and testing about 20 mods, here is the end result. Literally spent hours trying to fix the particles appearing behind the courier. Finally managed to fix the normal walking courier only to find that now flying courier's particles are a bit off. Now I dont have any juice left to again mess around with this courier so you have to stick with this one. I may try to fix the flying version maybe in future but I doubt it, it doesnt look too bad anyways.

Also from now on there will be no adfly links. Too many people have problem with that and to be honest I never was interested in earnings anyways. Some one suggested me to use ads to earn extra and that it will be useful in long run but honestly its not worth it to waste other people's time, I will set up a donate button for those who wish to donate, other than that you will get direct links from now on.

Download Link

#58 My Bindings Tighten

By : z3lover

Orignal model edited by M1sk4, You can watch how he makes these on his twitch channel Make sure to subscribe and follow him on . If I recall correctly the same model was submitted in workshop and eventually removed by Valve because of obvious reasons. Anyways, here it is now, in its full glory.

Removed the wings and slightly edited particle effects. Enjoy.

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