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Okay, I promised a detaailed guide for making particle effects on courier but then I realized if you had read and uderstood the previous guides, there's not much new stuff to do here. So I will just list concise steps of the procedure and I'm sure you wont run into problems. (meh who am I kidding? You will run into ALOT of problems, but fixing those problems is part of the fun)

Okay lets get started.
The basic flow is like this. Decompile the courier model you wish to put particles on > Edit .qc file > Recompile model > Done. (lets take baby rosh for example).
1: Decompile using studio compiler. Place all decompiled files in a folder.
2: Using the "Notepad+" open the file "mdldecompiler.qc".
3: Search for "$keyvalues" . The box infront will be empty. You insert the commands for particle effect here.
4: Recompile the model using studio compiler. And rename the files to default donkey model and place them in props_gameplay folder.
5: Repeat the process for flying version.

1: Now the first problem you will run into will be an error during decompiling. Just rename the file "babyroshan.dx90.vtx" into "babyroshan.dx80.vtx" and it decompile just fine.

2: Here is the command for applying the particle effect that you will paste into $keyvalues box.

$keyvalues  { particles
        "name"            "courier_trail_fungal"
        "attachment_type"    "follow_attachment"
        "attachment_point"    "attach_hitloc"

} }

Preview: How it should look like
*name=  the name of the particle effect you want to apply. (You can preview the courier particles using the previous guide)

If you face any more problems, do let me know, I will add them to the guide.

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  1. Firstly, thank you for the very much needed guide ! So henceforth, the problems are:-

    1. Some couriers don't have $keyvalues. Do I have to add them myself or what?
    2. An image link via imgur/photobucket would be much appreciated to show an example of how the commands will be inserted.
    3. More elaboration on the recompile process, please. I got totally lost during this section on which boxes to fill and which buttons to click on.

    That's it. I'll be waiting, thanks again!

    1. 1: Yes, the key values box is always empty. You have to add the code.
      2: Added the image.
      3: Go to "Compile model" tab on top. Drag and drop the qc file into the box and press compile. I'm no expert on studiocompiler so you will have to google for any problems related to it.

    2. lol what box there r so many box -_- atleast give screen shot

    3. we need a fucking screenshots on how did you recompile the files back jesus...

  2. studiomdl.exe not found when recompile. explain this part more

    1. I'm no expert on studiocompiler so you will have to google for any problems related to it.

  3. thanks a lot.

    btw is there any way to remove particle effects from item?
    I just download void battlefury with effects but I really hate the effects on it.


    1. Yes just make a simple mod using the guide section. Get battefury model files and rename, paste it in dota directory.

  4. What SDK do you guys use ?

  5. can u help me how do i decompile the courier! when i click extract it said unable to load verticle files

    1. change the .dx90 file to .dx80

      or just copy paste the .dx90 file and change the extension of the copy to .dx80

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  7. so i decompiled the files but a cant recompile them again, im stuck at this pls help

  8. Honestly how to recompile? I can't get around this shit for about litreally 1 week. About 76 hours of searching

  9. "Decompile using studio compiler" NO. Decompile using CrowbarTool


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