Posted by : z3lover December 30, 2013

Sorry for disappearing like that, but considering the fact that NO ONE responded to my call of help regarding running this blog and facebook. I really expected someone to step up and take charge of this, but anyways, I will keep running with my own slow/lazy pace. I have also started making workshop items for dota2 so I will showcase them here and make them available for download without them having to appear in workshop. (the chance is really slim though)
                     I have also thought about writing some general gameplay guides on certain heroes who are misplayed in typical pub games, I have one such guide on Its pretty unfinished but I intend to finish it in near future. So expect a lot of random NON-COSMETIC related blog posts in future, just ignore them if you are not interested.


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  1. thanks for keep this site update. Actually, I always wait for any updates from d2mods.
    I appreciate your works guys. thats good. I'm loving it.

    ehm, can I request Winter Soltice Fashion (CM), and also Dr Kleiner announcher,
    thank you guys,

    Hope someday, d2mods have same item like (new item) in the steam market. hehe
    'I'm not telling it's going to be easy - But I believe it's going to be worth it.'

    1. I do have a few items in workshop but they have very few votes+comments,.. so chances are really slim.. But I'll keep working in new ones. Thanks for support. :)

    2. Hi.
      Can I become a contributor to your blog?

  2. thank very much, you are one of the best person on this world ^^

  3. thank you. totally awesome

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