Posted by : z3lover October 05, 2013

Using Alien Swarm and the built in tools it shipped with it’s possible to load the DotA 2 particle files into the Source engine particle editor. You can find a tutorial on how to load DotA 2′s PCFs into the Alien Swarm tools at the bottom of this post.



Fiend’s Grip GIF:


Obsidian Destroyer


Phantom Assassin




If you’ve followed the model viewer guide before then that will give you a head start, the process is very similar with a few minor tweaks:
  1. Download GCFScape:
  2. Launch GCFScape and open the “dota 2 beta\dota\pak01_dir.vpk” file.
  3. Extract the files to a new directory called “DOTA 2″.
  4. Copy the extracted “materials”, “models” and “particles” folder to: “Steam\steamapps\common\alien swarm\swarm”.
  5. Add “-tools -nop4″ to your Alien Swarm launch options.
  6. Start Alien Swarm and you’ll be presented with the “Source Actbusy Tool”.
  7. Press “Tools” and select “Particle Editor”, you’ll now be in the particle editor.
  8. From here you can load in the particles from the folder you copied into the Alien Swarm directory.
Cyborgmatt for writing this guide.

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  1. When i extract the 3 folders , and i start Allien Swarn and "Alien Swarn not found "

  2. ok i got this all working :D, now how do i get it in dota lol


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