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  •    GCFScape
  •    CS:GO SDK
  •    Notepad ++

Step One

Download GCFScape:

Step Two

Launch GCFScape and open the “dota 2 beta\dota\pak01_dir.vpk” file.

Step Three

Extract the “root” directory to somewhere on your hard drive and then rename it to “DOTA 2″ after the extraction is finished.

Step Four

Copy the “materials” and “models” folder from the extracted files in to the CS: GO folder: “Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo”.

Step Five

Next you need to mass edit the vmt material files, for this I suggest using Notepad++ using  the “Find in Files” feature, which you can find under “Search –> Find in Files…”.

Step Six

Using Notepad++’s “Find in Files” feature you need to find “CustomHero” and replace with “VertexLitGeneric”, filter for “*.vmt” and choose the directory “Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\materials\models” making sure “In all sub-folders” is also selected.

Press “Replace in Files” when you’ve your options setup like above.

Step Seven

Install the “Counter-Strike Global Offensive Beta – SDK” from the Steam library tool list.

Step Eight

Launch the ”Counter-Strike Global Offensive Beta – SDK” and launch “Model Viewer”.

Step Nine

In the “Model Viewer” press “File” and select “Load Model…”.

Step Ten

You will now be in the model file structure, from here you can go into the different folders and load a “*.mdl” file.

Step Eleven

When loading a model like Nature’s Prophet you’ll notice only his base model is loaded and parts will be missing.

Step Twelve

In order to resolve this you need to load in the extra parts as “Weapons”, via the “File –> Load Weapon…” option.

Select the extra part like when you loaded in the initial model.

The extra part will then be loaded into the model viewer.

Step Thirteen

You should now know how to load models into the CS: GO model viewer, enjoy.

Model Viewer Controls

Cyborgmatt for writing this awesome tutorial.

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  1. there no Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Beta SDK

    1. You actually have to purchase CS:GO from sote for it to be available. You can always use Alienswarm version (which is free) but that has its own problems.

    2. Thats it.. Yes i heard about using Alienswarm SDK before and downloading that no problem.. Thanks for the reply..

  2. I cant see the model, only the wireframe, why?

  3. Probably a very noobish comment, sorry if its dumb

  4. UPDATE: All other models like for example from CS:GO, I can see the model, not just a bunch of white lines to make up the structure of the model


      Make sure you select "textured" instead of "wireframe" ...

    2. yes, its on textured. I dont know what i did, but now its showing the model but the model is pitch black..


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