Posted by : ShadowProgr October 11, 2013

This little tool allows you to view information about the lobby and players you are currently playing with.

Note that this information is already available by using the "dota_lobby_debug" command with "developer 1" enabled. My tool just displays some of it in a convenient way.
You are in a hidden lobby when playing matchmaking. It starts when you get the "Game is ready" dialog.


  • Members in a party are grouped together (same color), so are broadcasters in the same channel.
  • Extracts location of some players.
  • Pressing CTRL+C copies the raw lobby information. If there's a problem with the tool, try to copy it to make debugging easier (if you have lobby information available).

  • Windows XP SP 2 or higher
  • Dota 2
About VAC:
This tool should be hidden from VAC external tool detection. Still, use at your own risk (the worst thing that can happen is a 30 day suspension).

Developed by reptiev


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  1. then i will wait till some1 use it first for a long time and comment it

    1. I have been using it for quite a long time now, nothing has happened to me yet

  2. its not working anymore

  3. Newest patch not working anymore

  4. Would you by chance be willing to release the source-code on this, since it's already a free piece of software? I'm really interested to see the approach you took to make this work.


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