Posted by : z3lover September 22, 2013

Bonus points if you understand the Futurama reference.

After 3 continuous days of compiling errors, qc read failures, decompiling issues, reading technical jargons about particle file system, learning the particle commands and God knows what else, FINALLY managed to apply the particle effects on a courier, in this case Blossom Trail effect. Used the previously made smeevil mod and randomly selected the Stumpy courier for experiment purposes, As this was an experiment so didnt bother with flying stumpy so the end result is "walking courier=stumpy and Flying courier=Smeevil" anyways what matters most is now I finally figured out the method.
                         As always you can request your courier and custom particle effect of your choice in the comments below and I will make the mods in my freetime, meanwhile I would really appreciate if you guys spread the facebook page and this blog in your friends circle and community.


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  1. I can see this effect just in 1 min, after it's just a smeevil with out effect, can u fix?

  2. can you make frog with blue ethereal flame or red ethereal flame


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