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Wanna know whats the single MOST expensive item in Dota 2 at this moment? Its the Golden Baby Roshan (GBR). If you already know what that is or don't care about the backstory, Skip the next paragraph.

Halloween of 2012 brought us the special game mode called "Diretide". It was undoubtedly an awesome mode that everyone enjoyed. The gameplay revolved around 20 pure battle, no farming, stealing candies, running from roshan. After 20 mint all rivalries were forgotten and every player was given ALOT of gold (enough to buy 6 divine rapiers) to kill roshan. All 10 players ingame fought a very powerful roshan with like 100000000000 hp or something. In short it was a funfilled mayhem. Now here's the catch, a winning team got 2 "guaranteed" items and losing team got 1 "guaranteed" items. This was enough incentive to make people play this mode day and night just to farm items. And the ultimate prize was reserved for a game which could kill the roshan in minimum time possible. The reward was a Golden Baby Roshan for the 10 players that killed roshan. Shortly after the mode was released, people started exploiting bugs in game for killing roshan, a very powerful boss that theoretically should take 1 mint to kill was being killed in 0.00001 seconds (You can find the videos on youtube). Anyways that was how Golden Baby Roshan was first introduced, the number of players in beta was small and  people managing to beat the 0.001 second record were even fewer, needless to say VERY few people managed to get GBR. After the event ended the price skyrocketed, the first GBR was sold for 1000$ and with the amount of new people joining Dota, the prices kept raising steadily and at the date of this post being written the price is around 2500-5000 treasure keys (6250$-12500$). The GBR actually turned out be as expensive as real Gold.

Well this mods allows you to use GBR as your courier absolutely Free.
Download and install. Use "-override_vpk" command in Launch Options.

Download Link:

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  1. Could u check the link pls.. unable to download..

  2. yes atleast put some genuine links?
    poor quality website

    1. If the download link is not working just ask me to check it.. Why being an ass about it?

  3. when updated to flying courrier he gets invisibel ::: is that normal ?

  4. when the courier is not moving, he freezes, theres no animation. The portrait is freezed too ! can u fix pls? ty


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