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If you are a tv show addict, you would appreciate this blog post. TV shows are quite addictive and story arcs are quite amazing. Unfortunately a huge number of bad quality tv shows might scare many people off, but there are some hidden gems that every one should watch atleast once. The general rule I follow mostly is to watch the pilot episode, if I like the theme and  story of show, I keep watching a few episode on trial basis.
Most of the American shows follow a typical format. 24 episodes per season, with story progressing VERY slowly and about 18-20 "filler" episodes. I find these filler episodes extremely boring because they mostly have same cliched story and contain VERY little of the main story. So I mostly prefer shows with low episode count. With all that being said lets start our list.

(Ranking is in no particular order, as I would recommend all of these shows)


Dollhouse explores some really interesting philosophical ideas about what it means to be a person. The idea is that after Echo has her mind wiped, she becomes a blank slate, and no one thinks of her as a person. But over time, wiping doesn't return her to blank slate mode, and she develops her own personality from the ground up. The question becomes "Is Echo a person, and if so, when did she become one?" Personalities are crafted, and sometimes a pre-existing personality is augmented. It had me wondering what actually defines the person. Is it the body, the mental state, the exact combination of both? If a personality is transferred to a new body, does it have the same rights it had in its original host? What if it never had a host, and was only designed as an imprint for a doll?

Anyways, philosophy aside, its an amazing shows with an awesome intro song. Only has 2 seasons with like 10 episodes each, although it ended abruptly, still had me satisfied near the end.

Sherlock (2013) : 

Simply put, one of the best shows going on right now. Every episode is a roller coaster of emotions, mystery and just pure fun. Imo the best adaptation of Sherlock Holmes ever. You just need to watch first few minutes of this show and you will be hooked for life, its THAT good. Just forget everything you know about sherlock when watching this and you will have tons of fun.

Has 3 seasons so far with each seasons having only 3 episodes. My only complaint is it ends too quickly.

Game of Thrones:

Ah, the infamous Game of thrones. A show so widely popular and so controversial that it lost majority of its fans over 3 years of its run. The show is so emotionally brutal, it will leave scars in your heart for months. This show will change your perception about tv shows, and you will claim it to be the most beautiful thing you ever saw in your life. Just avoid googling anything about it because there are ALOT of spoilers which will ruin your watching experience. As the show is based on "A song of ice and fire" novel series, there are thousands of spoilers out there.

3 seasons are available, each season with 10 episodes. This show has yet a long way to go, so you might give novels a chance, they are equally brilliant.


HBO show that is centered around the life inside a maximum security penitentiary. It is extremely dark in the realistic kind of way. The character arcs are astounding and flawless.

6 seasons and ended.


50% of people love it, 50% of people hate it. Half of the people that hate it enjoyed the first two seasons, and then at that point proceeded to hate it. It is a show that was entirely written before they started showing it, so all of the shots and dialogue and everything else has its exact place. The show is an enigma. There are tons of puzzles wrapped inside of it that take acute observation to pick up on, which some people enjoy. There are also hidden riddles underlying in the show that you don't need to find and answer to enjoy the show, but they add to it if you wanted to. It's another sic-fi show that goes down the rabbit hole over time, so it will start slow. 

This is the show that will occupy your mind for weeks until you finish it and you will LOVE every moment of it.
Has 6 seasons with most seasons having 24 episodes. (Yes even the filler episodes are good) Its already ended so you wont have to wait for new seasons.

The Newsroom

HBO show that takes place in, well, a newsroom, as in all of the behind-the-scenes of a national news station. All of the events are real events that happened in America, but a few years ago so it can properly build different things up. If you don't live in America, the events won't mean as much to you and therefore will break the immersion, but the writing is still great enough to watch.

You will either like it or hate it, there's no guarantee so give it a try and see how it goes. 2 seasons so far.

The Walking Dead

Another amazing show. based in zombie apocalypse setting. I absolutely enjoyed the first 2 seasons but for some reasons, I started hating it after that. So I dont know wheter to recommend it or not, but I should say its worth watching for first 2 seasons and "Daryl Dixon" ..


Argued by many to be the best tv show ever created in existence. Yes the fans loved it that much. Unfortunately it was cancelled in its first seasons (you can google the issues why it was cancelled) . the show is amazing, the characters were amazing, setting was amazing, and comedy was classic. It was supposed to be the perfect show.

Has only one seasons with a full length movie "Serenity" wrapping up the series. Its my MOST favourite TV show of all time.

Thats it for this blog post. There are still tons of other shows in my list which I will add in next few blog posts.

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