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In this post we try to understand Illusions with detail. Illusion scale very well into lategame, thats why most illusion based heroes are lategame carries. They pretty much have a straightforward skillbuild and item build. Pub players always misunderstand how illusions work

Illusions can't use any active ability. Passive abilities that illusions can use:
  • Evasion
  • Critical Strike (it should be noted that the red number is before the illusion's percentage reduction on damage)
  • Feedback (only works on melee illusions)
  • Movement speed (flat and percentage)
  • Attribute bonus (Strength, agility and intelligence)
  • Flat HP or mana
  • Radiance burn aura
  • Spell resistance from abilities, and base spell resistance
  • Quelling Blade's boost on damage
Following passive abilities do not work on illusions.
  • Raw damage or armor. (Only damage from stats and armor from agility is given)
  • Raw Attack speed (Only AS from agility and yasha bonus)
  • Orb effects (except Feedback on melee illusions)
  • Spell resistance from Planeswalker's Cloak, Hood of Defiance or Khadgar's Pipe of Insight (Only resistance that illusions get are from base resistance (25% for all heroes except Meepo's 35%) and skills like Antimage's Spell Shield, Phantom lancer's Phantom edge, Viper's Corrosive skin

How this knowledge affects dota:

This knowledge helps to understand how to play illusion based heroes which include.


  • Focus on bulking up on raw hp and agility is effective way of boosting dps and surviveability of illusions. Prioritize getting Agility giving items (Yasha,Manta,butterfly,Ethereal Blade) over raw damage items(MKB,Daedalus,Desolater).
  • Diffusal is common choice because it gives good agility and melee illusions deal full damage from manaburn.
  • Manta is another core item because it furthur increases the number of illusions( which also benefit from your illusion based item build). Extra movespeed and attackspeed from yasha do work on illusions.
  • Althought illusions do get critical strike but you should try delaying it as much as possible. After rushing daedalus as first item on PL you find out that even if overheard red numbers show 500dmg critical your illusions still deal pathetic damage. That's because the numbers show a fake crit. As Illusions do not get raw damage from daedalus so the actual damage is calculated by considering the damage from stats, applying crit multiplier on this number and then reducing it by %age reduction of illusions)
  • Illusions do not get damage block from Vanguard. So a vitality booster provides your illusions ALL the benefits that a vanguard could give (with a furthure benefit of upgrading it to Heart of Tarassque later)
  • Quelling blade works on illusion damage. It may not have significant impact but still boosts your jungling ability.
  • Illusions do not benefit from Vladimir's offering or Assualt Cuirass auras. They do not get the +armor,lifesteal,damage or attackspeed auras that these items provide but they do however grant other nearby heroes these auras similiar to radiance. Try to avoid making these items, if you are so desperate for lifesteal, a simple Morbid mask could be more cost effective than a finished vlads for same purposes.

(The topic is incomplete for the time being, I will add more stuff in future)

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