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In next few days I will try to cover the bridge between the item sets, hopefully all the items will be covered until now. Remember to thank artkhv on his site (if you understand russian, I dont want to take credit for his work)

Includes following sets.

The Seers Command Set
Armlets of Command
Collar of Command
Ring of Command
Waistguard of Command

Gifts of the Shadowcat Set
Bow of the Shadowcat
Furstole of the Shadowcat
Gaiters of the Shadowcat
Paws of the Shadowcat
Quiver of the Shadowcat
Pelt of the Shadowcat
Trophy of the Shadowcat
Anointed Armor of Ruination Set
Mistplates of Ruin
Darkstar the Mistforged
Netherax, Nightmare of the Mist
Tarnhelm of Ruin
Winged Shroud of Ruin

The Second Disciple Set
The Second Disciple's Bastion
The Second Disciple's Blade
The Second Disciple's Chakram
The Second Disciple's Dagger
The Second Disciple's Veil

Threads of Entwined Fate Set
Whiskers of Entwined Fate
Limbs of Entwined Fate
Stinger of Entwined Fate
Crown of Entwined Fate
Feelers of Entwined Fate

Coco the Courageous
Cosmetic icon Coco the Courageous.png
True courage is not how high you can hold a sword but how high you can hold your spirit... And sometimes, even the strongest of heroes need their spirit boosted! Introducing Coco, a courageous courier of the Redpaw Brewery, determined to bring brew to the battlefield at any cost! No longer shall a heroes thirst go unquenched! The call for brew is sacred and by oath it must be upheld! The brew must flow.

Tory the Sky Guardian
Cosmetic icon Tory the Sky Guardian.png
It's been told that Tory, the Sky Guardian, has been riding the winds since the beggining of time, serving the ancient tribes faithfully as a proficient messenger. Everlasting glory shall be provided to those who are chosen by Tory as allies, as the winds seem to open a path for him while he gracefully flies towards his destination. A skilled companion who can fly above the highest mountain and glide over the bloodiest battlefield, Tory can surpass every flying being in every way possible.



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  1. please make override file for tore and coco courier ty

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  4. i installed the file now what should do it does not do any thing

  5. How to switch back to default skin?


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