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Spirited Away - 10/10

Dear god, if Disney could make animated films that were even half as good as this one. Don't get me wrong; films like Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast are absolutely amazing...but Spirited Away is a masterpiece. It has wonderful and interesting characters, a great story and superb animation, not to mention a sumptuous soundtrack to go with it all. To anyone who is yet to see this movie, you have to watch it. It's one of those films you just have to see before you die.

I've only seen it twice, ten years apart, but it's just as good as I remember it being the first time. There are some great comic moments in this film, made all the more special because it's not a comedy.

The story starts with the main character, a 10 year old girl named Chihiro, and her family moving to a new house. On the way they get lost and come across what they think is an abandoned amusement park, when in fact they've come across something else entirely. I won't spoil what happens next, but the title of the film (if you know anything about Japanese culture) should provide a bit of a clue.

There is a copious amount of imagery in this film drawing on many different fairy tail stereotypes and using them in an entirely fresh and interesting manner, and there are also a few pointed portions that take aim squarely at environmental pollution, though they never get in the way of anything and they are subtly handled, but apparent nonetheless. For me this added to the critical integrity of the film all the more.

As with all animated work from Japan, there is vicious argumentation about whether the dub or sub is better. Quite frankly I think it has one of the best dubs going around. And any fans of Skyrim out there might recognise the voice of one of the main characters as well. Overall this is one of the best films of the last decade and it's wonderful to come back to it after so long a time.

This movie is a must watch.

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